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Arranging private transportation and accommodation all around the world.

Global Destinations

Seamless travel. A world of limitless possibility.

Private Jet Services

Prestige at 51,000 feet.

Housing & Accommodation

Live luxuriously, anywhere you desire.

butler services

The epitome of personalized service.


LFVATE fuses global mobility with bespoke luxury, allowing our chosen members to experience the freedom of a world without borders, the privilege of prestigious living.

Unlock a Limitless Life

Experience what it means to enjoy a life of true luxury, access, and unhindered global freedom.

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where global mobility meets luxury

Our select clientele unlock the very best life has to offer through a premier experience, unhindered access, and a level of luxury unlike anything else.

The pinnacle of luxury travel

The journey and the destination.
Stay in the finest hand-picked hotels and resorts around the world.
Gain private access to a selection of luxury travel options.
Enjoy the simplicity of an expert team handling everything on your behalf.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

LFVATE opens portals to possibilities, going one mile ahead to help you live the life you desire.

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